Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mission Of Burma - The Horrible Truth About Burma - 180 Gram

The posthumous album, originally released in 1984, has never been available on CD until now. The vinyl has been unavailable since the 1980s. Re-mastered and restored to its correct sequence with three bonus tracks. 32-page booklet contains ephemera, photos, and interviews. Vinyl is true all-analog, HQ-180 pressing.

"Combining rock 'n' roll's traditional fetish for pure, unmediated feeling, with a more modern sort of artistic calculation, Burma's music could evoke everything from the Beatles' ecstatic run of Hamburg rock clubs in the early 60s to the lightning-speed hardcore punk that was developing in the US during Burma's tenure. In this sense, Burma can be said to have blithely encapsulated punk's overarching mission: to draw a line connecting rock rebels past and present, and, in doing so, re-imagine and re-establish the music's anarchic condition" -

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