Thursday, June 5, 2008

Radiohead - The Best Of - Limited edition Boxset

ssued in 2008 by Radiohead's former label, Capitol, this compilation surveys the innovative British alternative-rock band's first six albums, ranging from 1993s formative PABLO HONEY to `03s restless HAIL TO THE THIEF. Not surprisingly, many songs on the non-chronological 16-track collection are pulled from THE BENDS and OK COMPUTER, mid-'90s records that elevated the group, first, to widescreen majesty (see the expansive "High and Dry"), and, then, art-rock glory (the dynamic, prog-leaning "Paranoid Android").
Although BEST OF, which was not selected with the band's involvement, downplays Radiohead's more electronic-oriented output, featuring only two tunes from KID A (most notably, the warm, atmospheric "Everything in Its Right Place") and one from AMNESIAC, all of the tracks presented are top-tier examples of Thom Yorke and company's emotive, adventurous aesthetic. While most Radiohead fans will already own all or most of these signature songs, the anthology serves as a good introduction for the uninitiated, and will likely set off further exploration into the U.K. ensemble's impressive catalogue.

First ever Radiohead best of compilation in the marketplace. Limited edition 4xLP contains the 17 tracks on the standard CD plus 13 additional stand out tracks including tracks not on their previous studio albums and deluxe packaging. Tracks include "Karma Police", "Fake Plastic Trees", "High And Dry" and more.


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Sun Kil Moon - April - Exlusive black & white marble vinyl!

This version of April on black & white marbled vinyl is limited to 400 copies and is exclusive to Aural Exploits. A white vinyl version is also available exclusively from the Caldo Verde website. The regular retail version was released on black vinyl
To celebrate the release of April, in conjunction with Vinyl Films we are offering $2.00 off releases by Helen Stellar and Jill Cunniff when purchased on the same order as April. The discount will be taken of the invoice total prior to your payment being processed.

April, the new album from Sun Kil Moon, is Mark Kozelek's first original record since the acclaimed 2003 Sun Kil Moon debut Ghosts of the Great Highway. 11 songs at almost 74 minutes, April is a collection of songs recorded between March and August 2007 in San Francisco (Hyde Street Studios) and Seattle (Well Recording). In the spirit of Sun Kil Moon's Ghosts and Tiny Cities, Mark was joined by the same players as before, including drummer Anthony Koustsos (Red House Painters), bassist Geoff Stanfield (Black Lab), violist Michi Aceret, and percussionist Dave Revelli. April find mark in company of guest vocalists Bonnie Prince Billy, Ben Gibbard, and Eric Pollard (Retribution Gospel Choir).


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PJ Harvey - Rid Of Me - Limited edition 180 Gram colored vinyl LP (Pre-order)

Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on white vinyl - exclusive to Aural Exploits.

In addition to the regular 180 gram black vinyl version of Rid Of Me, this very special limited edition of only 500 copies pressed on white vinyl is an Aural Exploits exclusive.

PJ Harvey's second album, 1993's Rid Of Me, is an art-punk classic that pushes the genre, and with it the listener, to extremes. Alternating between searing noise/feedback and sparse open spaces, Rid Of Me is truly an emotional experience. As usual, legendary producer Steve Albini maximizes every sound and space, working with that exacting, mechanical precision that he has come to be known for, the perfect complement to Harvey's harsh, stark, disturbed song writing. #52 on Pitchfork's "Top 100 Albums of the 1990s," PJ Harvey's best album is available on vinyl for the first time in years.


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