Thursday, June 5, 2008

Radiohead - The Best Of - Limited edition Boxset

ssued in 2008 by Radiohead's former label, Capitol, this compilation surveys the innovative British alternative-rock band's first six albums, ranging from 1993s formative PABLO HONEY to `03s restless HAIL TO THE THIEF. Not surprisingly, many songs on the non-chronological 16-track collection are pulled from THE BENDS and OK COMPUTER, mid-'90s records that elevated the group, first, to widescreen majesty (see the expansive "High and Dry"), and, then, art-rock glory (the dynamic, prog-leaning "Paranoid Android").
Although BEST OF, which was not selected with the band's involvement, downplays Radiohead's more electronic-oriented output, featuring only two tunes from KID A (most notably, the warm, atmospheric "Everything in Its Right Place") and one from AMNESIAC, all of the tracks presented are top-tier examples of Thom Yorke and company's emotive, adventurous aesthetic. While most Radiohead fans will already own all or most of these signature songs, the anthology serves as a good introduction for the uninitiated, and will likely set off further exploration into the U.K. ensemble's impressive catalogue.

First ever Radiohead best of compilation in the marketplace. Limited edition 4xLP contains the 17 tracks on the standard CD plus 13 additional stand out tracks including tracks not on their previous studio albums and deluxe packaging. Tracks include "Karma Police", "Fake Plastic Trees", "High And Dry" and more.


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